Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Should I become an LPN or an RN?

It's no secret there is a huge nursing shortage that is only going to get worse in the coming years.

I feel like we hear about the shortages in healthcare so frequently, that it's easy for the American public to tune it all out.

I am interested in becoming a nurse but there a lot of options to consider such as how long do I want to spend in college and what type of nursing degree do I want to get? I haven't done a whole lot of research yet but I've read you could be an RN with either an associates degree or a bachelors degree. Or you could get training to be an LPN then later complete one of those lpn to rn programs online or some other type of transition to rn programs.

I'm going to do some research about becoming a nurse and try to post it on my blog here. At this point I really don't know which route to go: License Practical Nurse (LPN), Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Registered Nurse (RN), or Nurse Practitioner (NP).

Time to do some research...


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Choose the RN. I'm an LPN with 19 years experience. There are no jobs. Most hospitals have gone to an all RN staff. You may want to reconsider even being a nurse. New graduate pay in my area is terrible. The hospital gets rid of the older experienced RN's and hires new graduate RN's for 22.00/hr.


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