Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Will Older People Entering a Nursing Career Stick Around?

My question is will older people who are entering the field of nursing as a new career stick around long? By long I mean past the age of 60. If someone 35 decides to become a nurse and does so by the age of 37, that would only leave 23 years in the nursing field if they retire at 60. That will help the shortage, but will it help longterm?

This is from a Canadian source, however I would assume it is also applicable to the United States.

...they are seeing an increased enrollment in nursing and an increased number of graduates, but interestingly the newest graduates coming into the program are also older.

Sajan says its a good news story because these are people who have made nursing a second career but also means new nurses are on average age 30 or older when they enter nursing.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Massage Therapist Training

Hi all, I'm still doing my research (slowly and yes, not posting often) and got this idea of maybe I should become a massage therapist! But well see! Anyone have any info (good and bad) on massage therapist training such as certified vs non-certified?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

research those nursing schools first folks!

Now this is interesting and a reminder to really check out all the nursing schools you are interested in good before paying or starting a program:

The owners of the Comtrain Institute in East Orange, including an attorney from East Hanover, have been permanently barred from operating, owning or working for a vocational school or practical nursing school in New Jersey after a judge found they offered practical nursing courses without a license.